About This Site


This site is the responsibility of Autumm Caines; an Instructional Designer at University of Michigan – Dearborn

The content of the site was adapted from the University of Michigan’s Center for Research in Learning and Teaching’s (CRLT‘s) work on Inclusive Teaching. Specifically from this Google document.


This site was created as a response to the need for faculty development in preparation for the 2020 Fall term in an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic


I love the exercise that was put together by the CRLT and I think as a paper and pen exercise the format laid out in the google document is a great one. But as a completely online experience it felt like a lot of text and I got some feedback that editing directly in the google document messed up some formatting.

I’m also of the firm belief that we can’t really live in a modern society without giving some data to Google – still, I like to find ways where some things can remain outside of their collection. As an exercise in self-reflection this was important to me.

This site is an attempt at 2 things:

  • To create an aesthetically pleasing digital environment which is conducive to self-reflection on inclusive teaching
  • Provide a digital resource which does not collect, store, or analyse digital data as a means of forefronting the intended purpose of self-reflection


This site was built using WordPress and the H5P document tool. All images are CC0 public domain from Pixabay.


This site is a subdomain of my personal web domain which is hosted by Reclaim Hosting